Wow! Turkey Boogie 2016 was amazing! After all these years of hearing about it, finally Team ILL Vision attends. BASE jumping sure has expanded since our early days in Moab. I remember going there for the first time 20 years ago when it was a pretty quiet, secret little hidden away rock-climbers mecca. The IPBC went there every year for five years following and still, it was a fairly low-key atmosphere for BASE jumpers. When we showed up with 75 people, both jumpers & staff comprising our entire show, it was a big deal.


Holy cats, you should see the place now! Moab is a hustling bustling outdoor sporting metropolis. You couldn’t throw a rock down the street now without hitting a new shop, hotel or restaurant, four-wheel-drive center, or a neon lit cafe. And let me tell you about the BASE jumpers, there were hundreds of them! There were a handful of old-timers, we saw Jimmy and Marta, John Leming, Gardner Sapp, Todd Shoebotham, and the legendary Hank Caylor was in attendance just to name a few, there were others I’ve missed, it was so cool to see those faces. Showing up for our Team ILL Vision this year were myself, Avery Badenhop with original Team Member Ed Trick, plus Cliff Ryder and Harry Parker, although Harry was recovering from an injury and so unable to jump in Moab, he was great for ground support, photography and networking.

New Breed of BASE Jumper @ Turkey Boogie

Then there were the 200 kids that are the new breed of BASE jumper, the new generation, wearing yoga pants instead of knee pads. Dude got on a load with us without a stitch of safety gear and proceeded to femur right off the bat, lucky he didn’t hit his head. The Team did our best to assist in any way we could to help stabilize, comfort and monitor the well-being of the injured jumper. He was fortunate that there were several people on the ground right there to look out for him until emergency crew arrived. Turns out that SuperDave is really a super awesome dude! Despite his injuries he kept a great attitude. I visited him in the Grand Junction hospital on my way home, where he was a constant source of entertainment for hospital personnel, the guy is a scream! Last report is that after several surgeries, he is on the road to a full recovery and will BASE jump again, hopefully wearing a helmet and some pads and also maybe taking a little more care in exit direction choices.

700 BASE jumps

I did my 700th BASE jump from Tombstone at Turkey Boogie. I had not been off that rock for a decade, but the trail to the top was so familiar, felt just like home, like I had done it just the day before. My new favorite exit point is the one almost right in town, G-Spot. That jump is really a super cool place to jump, thanks Tom Grayson of SAFEISH for introducing us to that exit point on our first day there. We met a lot of awesome people on this trip, and look forward to all the folks we will jump with in the New Year, maybe even sharing an exit point with YOU!

To see all the pictures of our trip, check
Harry Parker Photography’s Moab Boogie gallery.


Team ILL Vision Moab Turkey Boogie 2016

Ed Trick


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Thanks Marty Tilley of Asylum Designs for making sure Team ILL Vision always has the best gear on our backs!

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