The Ace of BASE



I didn’t invent BASE jumping, but I jumped with the guys that did!

First BASE Jump Instruction and Mentorship


by Avery Badenhop


Endorsed by the Asylum DesignsSquirrel consortium



So, you’re ready to make a BASE jump, huh?

Think again, you are not ready, you need help!

The good news is, you’ve made it to the right place to get started.


Avery Badenhop is a world renowned BASE jumper.
24 years in the sport, and 36 years of skydiving experience.
He has been a front-runner in the arena of BASE organization,
a founder of the IPBC, Bridge Day organizer, KL Tower and more.
Many hundreds of BASE jumps from hundreds of different objects on numerous continents.
Avery originated the idea of a BASE jumping team, and Team ILL Vision continues to perform.
TIV has long been sponsored by Asylum Designs, and more recently, a Squirrel supported jumper.
A highly motivated BASE mentor, Avery brings much knowledge, perspective and experience to the table.

I take a very personal approach to BASE instruction, when possible you will receive one-on-one training.
You can sign up with a friend and the “buddy’ system is encouraged in this BASE course.
The class will be limited to three participants.


The Ace of BASE offers a four-day First Jump Course at the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho.
The Perrine Bridge provides you with one of the safest and most forgiving BASE objects available.
With no legal restrictions, jumping there can be done in a stress free environment.
Nearly 500 feet of unobstructed airspace, and a very large flat landing area.
That said, do not make the mistake of assuming it is free of hazards.
As with any BASE jump, there is the potential for injury or death.
You will sign a waiver releasing me from responsibility for your safety, that responsibility is yours.
We will start on a Monday, and complete the course that Thursday.
The prerequisite for enrollment in this FJC is that you be an experienced parachutist.
We will establish your experience before I accept your non-refundable deposit for your course.
After taking a course from me, it will establish camaraderie and a long term relationship,
I will be a never ending resource for information and support in the years to come.
During the course you will learn:
  • Some history of the sport of fixed object jumping.
  • The development of BASE specific gear.
  • Proper gear care and BASE packing methods, and some basic rigging.
  • Jump site assessment and weather effects.
  • Decision making as it pertains to gear choices and acceptable jumping conditions.
  • Personal safety equipment and lifesaving techniques during a BASE jump.
  • Jump site etiquette, including approach, access and egress from objects.
  • Malfunctions and other potential jumping hazards and how to deal with them.
  • How to make a BASE jump.
The cost for the all-inclusive expert training as listed above is $1200.
I offer rental BASE gear to use during your course for $200.
Also, I offer accomodation during the course for $100.
A deposit of $200 will be required to get you on my calendar. (No-show = no-refund).
Send me an email so we can start a dialogue on how to get you the training you desire.
If you have already started BASE jumping, and want one-on-one Mentorship,
we can make arrangements to travel anywhere on the globe….





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