Wow, Bridge Day 2016 was AWESOME!

A great experience for myself and Team ILL Vision. We couldn’t have been happier with what we saw and did. A big thanks to Marcus Ellison and Mark “Tree” Kissner for setting out the red carpet this year.
TEAM ILL VISION and Asylum Designs were treated very well for our return to the event and got a first hand look at where the event is at.

Now is the time to come back to Bridge Day!

We can say this, it’s a new event under new management. This is a clean slate. There were about 200 jumpers who showed up. (Don’t quote me). There was never a line for the gear check stations or jumping, and the entire exit area was super chill and fun. This is a CLEAN slate. There is room for rebuilding and creating something new, from the film fest to classes to the industry trade show. This one event still has the potential to be the premier BASE Jumping training and trade show.

Feeling Welcomed

I was given “First Jumper” privilege. This was super cool, and I used the opportunity to perform a memorial ash-dive for Jerri, who is sorely missed. My entire crew was able to follow right behind me.

Team Jumping Fun

Had fun making two-way jumps with both Harry Parker and Marty Tilley. It was great to see old friends, and make new ones.
We even brought back some Old ILL Visionaries to the mix, Ed “Raw” Trick, Dave “Clem” Major, and Cliff Ryder……
Plus we saw Colin Scott, Troy Droegemeyer, Jimmy Kensill, JJ Schuster, Dan, Zoomi, the list goes on and on.

BASE legend Chuma was on hand cranking out Tandems off the bridge. His two man team cranked out 16 tandems at $1000 a pop plus handicam. Sounds like a lot, but when you learn how many hands are in his pocket, you realize the take is much, much less. That alone was amazingly inspirational. Just watching the process, professionalism and dead on accuracy of this team to deliver BASE to the masses. Great job.

Mission Inspiration:

Was fun helping our friend Mark Lichtle of Aerial Extreme work on his project, My Movie Inspire. This is a long term project of a friend and jumper who broke his ankle and after a decade of surgeries and pain had to make the ultimate decision, keep the foot and go with the pain, or chop the foot off and go for something different. Mark’s tenacity and fearless determination has led him to success, happiness, and now a mission of inspiring others to make the comeback. Definitely check out the project.

This was the last scene he needed to complete his project. His “S” for Span completing B.A.S.E as an amputee. The Bridge Day Crew gave us full access and made completing this mission a success. We cannot thank them enough. Check it out. My Movie Inspire

Happy to see Bridge Day persevere, the new organizing team looks well established with a run for the future. Make sure to come back for no waiting, and as many jumps as you can make.

Next Stop – Turkey Boogie, Moab

Next stop on the 2016 tour: TURKEY BOOGIE!! See you there November 22 – 28, Moab – Utah.

Avery Badenhop

Avery releasing Jerri Lee's ashes

Avery releasing Jerri Lee’s ashes

Team ILL Vision at Bridge Day 2016 - David Major - Ed Trick

Ed Trick & David Major

Marty Tilley of Asylum Designs at Bridge Day 2016 with Team ILL Vision

Marty Tilley of Asylum Designs

Harry Parker & Cliff Ryder with Team ILL Vision at Bridge Day 2016

Harry Parker & Cliff Ryder soaking up needed altitude and reunion time, Bridge Day 2016

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