Bridge Day 2016 TEAM ILL VISION Reunion Tour

The TEAM ILL VISION Reunion Tour continues this October with a trip to Bridge Day 2016 for some relaxed, fun BASE Jumping. All interested parties are invited to jump, party, and unite this October 15th in West Virginia. Old and new jumpers welcome. If you are an experienced jumper and need gear, we’ve got you covered.


Our sources say there will be no finger printing or other privacy issues this year. Last year the Bridge was WIDE open with just over 150 jumpers. This year is not expected to be a full event. We see this as an opportunity for fun BASE jumping with no lines, no waiting during some of the best fall foliage this country has to offer.


If you have not yet been to a Bridge Day Celebration in West Virginia, the time has come. Get registered. Get your room at the hotel, and let’s go jumping. If you have been to Bridge Day, you know why it is our favorite holiday of the year. Don’t delay, register straight away.

HOW to partner with Bridge Day 2016 TEAM ILL VISION Reunion Tour

Registration open July 1st

The links are below. The Fayetteville commission has taken over all event registration and room bookings. Yes, the jumpers have finally lost their own event. Once you register you should then have the option to book a room at the Holiday Lodge, the main operations center for the event.

Register ASAP, to get a good slot and to be sure to get a room at the hotel. We look forward to seeing you there this year! As we grow, the team is looking for new members for a five year commitment. If interested, show up.


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