Team Ill Vision is the oldest organized team of BASE jumpers in the world, established in 1994 by Avery Badenhop.

TIV’s athletes are responsible for pioneering and organizing some of the first BASE exhibitions and competitions in the U.S. and around the world. These events have taken place in stunning and exotic locations such as Moab, Malaysia and Mexico. TIV and its members have worked on several different TV shows, commercials and movies. They have been responsible for organizing, supervising and executing all kinds of different aerial stunts as doubles, and as main characters.

These days Team Ill Vision continues to push the limits of several aerial sports. Specializing in wingsuit BASE jumping and skydiving, team members are also active paraglider and hang glider pilots.

TIV and its members are committed to Professionalism, Integrity, Excellence and Service to Others.

We invite you to come along and explore our journey.

Do you have the Vision?

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