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team ill vision flags @ lodi drop zone


420 FREAK! with Jhonny Flowers

Flying the friendly skies above Lodi at the Parachute Center with Johnny Flowers. Thanks to our friends at SQUIRREL for the beautiful flying machines! Thanks ASYLUM. Photo by Chris Geiler .


TEAM ILL VISION Twin Falls Trip Itinerary

team ill vision twins falls trip

TEAM ILL VISION Twin Falls Trip Itinerary

I am back in the game and so is TEAM ILL VISION with the Team’s first trip back into BASE in Twin Falls. Come on out for some fun jumping, tall tales and be a part of the Team revolution. The TEAM ILL VISION Twin Falls Trip is the first of many projects on the white board and we are now seeking new members for the rest of this century.

We’ve got branded canopies and rigs for all to use, so come out with a smile and let’s get our BASE Game on!

Okay friends, this is the projected itinerary for Twin Falls:

Friday April 13 -> Jumpers Arrive

Jumpers to arrive throughout the day and get some warm-up jumps.
Will be time for hugs all around for old friends you haven’t seen for a while.
We will gather at a place TBD for some dinner after dark.

Saturday April 14 -> Jumping & Socializing

Jumping and socializing all day until dark, also lots of hanging out and laughter,
and making plans for the Sunday TEAM ILL VISION / ASYLUM Big-Way.
We will gather at a place TBD for some dinner after dark.

Sunday April 15 -> Big-Way & Barbeque

Jumping in the morning with the TEAM ILL VISION Big-Way @ 11am.
The plan is for a 20-way jump, you up for that?
The Big-Way will be performed using only TEAM ILL VISION / ASYLUM canopies,
we have a rig and/or parachute for you to use for the jump.
Barbeque starts @ noon and goes until 2 or 3 or until the food is gone or you pop.
More jumps in the afternoon, at whatever pace you care to.
Anybody still around in the evening we will have a last supper together at a place TBD.


Remember Idaho?!


Hello Friends

Remember Idaho? The last time we were there was such a blast! WHAT?! That was almost 7 years ago!

    So, it is time for a reunion!

jump back into the future

Now, there is going to be an agenda, which is entirely not worked out yet, but one that Harry Parker

is going to help me work out and post to you directly here in the next week for planning purposes.

Sorry, I know it is late already, but anyway hopefully this is some fun you’ll like to have with us.

PLEASE put MAY 13, 14 and 15 on your calendar, if you can, for Twin Falls, Idaho.

I got a room at the Shilo Inn and Suites for $75 a night with King and amenities.

It’s okay, you can cook meat at the barbeque if you like.

Email me (Avery) if you have questions,
or just to let me know that you will be there,
and your long-sleeve T-shirt size.

dreams are still alive for TEAM ILL VISION

team ill vision flags @ lodi drop zoneThe unexpected break in the action is officially over, it is time to get the show back into the sky.
After having a nightmare experience, it’s a blessing to realize that dreams are still alive out here.
It was a happy experience just getting the flags flying again in the landing area of the Lodi DZ.
With the flags back up at the Parachute Center, the dust is settling and the smoke is clearing,
and so we will all experience together the rise of TEAM ILL VISION from the ashes and ruin.
I hope and expect to see a lot of your smiling faces in the air with me as I jump right back on to
the leading edge of wing suit flying and competition, as well as all the aspects of BASE jumping.