BASE & Skydiving Wingsuit Adventurists

New River Gorge Bridge


Finding Bridge Day

A newbie’s pilgrimage to the promised land of adrenaline.

Fun Jumper & Team ILL Vision Fan, Charles Plant from Skydive New England’s Club Jump IN! is a full blown altitude addict by the time off student status.  With just a few jumps under his belt he races off to Bridge Day in search of his destiny.  Get cup of coffee, sit back and reminice.  Do you remember the excitement, the energy, the absolute thrill of just thinking about jumping off something? Anything?………… Read the rest of this page »

BASE Europe 2011 with Katie Hansen

The summer of 2011 was a miles stone for Team ILL Vision Jumper Katie Hansen who traveled Europe, kicking ass, taking names and jumping off the edge of the planet like there was no tomorrow.  Read more to see how she defied death, obstacles and herself in the heart of a BASE jumping extravaganza.  Read the rest of this page »

Mexico BASE with Damien Dykman

By Damien Dykman

Beautiful mountain deserts would be a good 3 word description of Nuevo Leon, Mexico. It’s only a few hours away from Texas and an easy drive from Houston, home of Gee and David, my partners in crime for this trip. But wait, I should be a little more cautious using those words given all the sad events happening in that part of Mexico. For us gringo, apart from having to pay a “muelta” in cash, here and there, to a local corrupted cop, it really wasn’t that bad. Maybe when it really gets bad, you can’t tell the story… I just hope things will get back to normal, those people are so nice, they really deserve a little more peace. Read the rest of this page »

Dean Potter in Purple N Red

Pretty sure I saw teammate Damien Dykman in one of these clips!